A backstage hero battling the deterioration

Basic PPF

The paint protection film is a transparent film layered on the vulnerable areas of the car that are prone to damages due to chips and road debris, Door bangs, nail scratches, parking scrapes, . A (paint protection film) ppf coating is recommended to be installed because of its defensive properties. The ppf car coating protects your car’s surface from harmful UV exposure, toxic chemicals and tough scratches. In absence of a paint protection film, the vehicle is likely to develop frequent damages forcing you to shell out money on paint jobs.

A basic paint protection film once installed is unnoticeable because of how transparent it is, it works as a backstage hero battling the deterioration. 

With paint protection film your car looks newer for a long time. The ppf coating is safe to apply to the car, the scratch-proof film works like magic in enhancing the resale value of the car. One comes across varying paint protection film coating costs depending on the area on the car’s surface you want to install the film. Ppf ceramic coating forms a dual-protective layer on the car. The combination of the ppf with ceramic coating renders self-healing ability, UV resistance, scratch-free surface and a glossy look. 

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