Filtering process of the air to maintain high air quality

Cabin cleaning

A cabin air filter,  filters out the dust, pollution and toxic materials from the air that enters the vehicle. Fixed in the glove compartment, the cabin air filter undertakes the filtering process of the air to maintain high air quality. The air that enters the vehicle through the air conditioning and ventilation is filtered to purify the air we breathe. Over time, the pollutants and other particles increase the risk of clogging the air filter causing depletion in the air filtration process.

If you don’t clean the air filters often, the overall experience of travelling in your car will become unpleasant. The false odour, unhealthy air and contamination affect the car vehicle and your health. Hence, cleaning the air filter is imperative. 

With our cleaning services, you don’t have to worry about taking a separate interior cleaning service for cabin cleaning. We at Amigoautospa provide this cabin cleaning in the car cleaning package, for you to feel refreshed. Accumulation of dust particles is inevitable to the air filter. A cleansing solution is applied to the filter which is then rinsed with water. You have to ensure you are not cleaning it the wrong way or spoiling the airbox while filter removal. Confused about how to perform cabin cleaning? Book an appointment with us.

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