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Car detailing is a necessity and the best investment you can make as a car owner. 

Car detailing involves a step by step process that includes a comprehensive list of exterior and interior cleaning/enhancing/enriching activities on your car. It is performed by using exclusive tools, products and multiple techniques to clean and protect your vehicle. Now that you know about car detailing, here’s good news, you don’t have to go very far for leveraging a car detailing service. Book a car detailing service with Amigoautospa and rest, while we do the work. 

Car detailing as the name suggests is delving into details of your car. The car detailing session is carried down in a detailed manner to protect, clean and enhance the appearance of your car. The thorough car detailing is a patient process that takes a minimum of 3 hours. Although, the time taken for car detailing can vary depending on the size of the car and its condition.  

Don’t get confused between car detailing and car washing. They are not the same! Nonetheless, the motive of both car washing and car detailing is the same, which is solely cleaning your car. Car washing is a quick process where the liquid detergent or shampoo is used to sponge away the dirt followed by a splash of water. On the flip side, Car detailing is detailed cleaning/enhancing/enriching  of your car inside out. Car washing is one of the steps in the car detailing method.

From the car detailing service, you can expect the entire cleaning/enhancing/enriching and uplift of your car appearance. The tools, products and techniques used vary. For instance, in the interior cleaning different methods are used, while exterior enhancing makes use of various other strategies.

Let’s have a look at them.

  1. Interior Car detailing 

The interior car detailing is important but time-consuming. It takes a lot of time in the interior detailing process as it is ensured to not miss out on even the minute details. This meticulous process comprises vacuuming, brushing, steaming, Semi Foaming, Conditioning, and perfuming.  

  1. Exterior Car detailing

An inclusive enhancing of the exterior of your car is performed. This process of exterior car detailing the surface of your car is done through a series of steps. Involving, descaling, tar removal, swab removal, deposits removal in all nooks, corners, panel gaps, engine bays, wheels, wheel nuts, logos, with intricate detailing to the areas of nose mesh & grills, followed by thorough car washing, surface claying, two steps of polishing, glazing and a polymer-based, paint sealant. The wow feeling of your old car to almost new or as a new car is an assured promise in car detailing. 

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    Why take our car detailing service?

    1. A car detailing service is convenient to book, you don’t have to worry about visiting the car service store but directly book our service, and we do the rest of the work for you.
    2. The daily issues of outdoor parking, environmental attacks, tree & bird dropping, wet leaves dampness. wiping or cleaning by untrained people damage the car paint, make them appear old too soon and leads to other problems. A Full Car Detailing once in a year keeps your loved car in top shape ALWAYS
    3. The wear and tear of your car upholstery make the travelling experience uncomfortable and also make it house for germs/stains and unpleasant odour with stickiness and grime if not addressed properly. 
    4. Protect your vehicle from harmful rays and chemicals, your car also looks clean and charismatic after the car detailing. 
    5. The probability of the car resale is enhanced by car detailing that makes it a shiny clear appearance.

      There are many variants and packages of car detailing to choose from. Get in touch with us to know the right car detaling nearby for your car.
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