That shine on your car has the power to get a smile on your face.


Don’t believe us? Try our car washing service! We all love long drives, the showering droplets of rain and good music indeed has the power to make us happy. But does your car like it when you pull over near the muddy road to grab a hot soup? The cement and dirt splashed on the surface of your car make it dirty. Not just when it’s raining, your vehicle is exposed to the environment of dust, droppings that settle on the surface diminishing the appearance of the car. Stealing the thunder look of your car or worst case deteriorating it, these harmful particles on the car damage both its looks and paint. To avoid any problems arising, as a loving owner you have to book a car washing service that your car deserves!

You don’t have to get your hands dirty, to get rid of the dust from your car. As Amigo Auto Spa renders the car washing services to clean the cars! Car washing involves cleaning your car to revive the elegant look of the car. There’s no specific number on how many times you should give the vehicle for car washing. Whenever you want a quick wash to tidy your car, get the service booked. We recommend you to take car washing service regularly to keep it clean by rinsing the unwanted mud, bird dropping and common debris. With our Annual car wash package you save time, efforts and money too.  

Love at first sight leaves an everlasting impression and that’s why we believe in the exterior cleaning of your car! As much as you should take care of your car interior, the engine bay,and the underbody of the car,  at the end how your car looks impacts how it feels. From a regular car washing, the car is wet using a jet spray, a PU neutral shampoo and a paint surface friendly detergent is used on the specially designed fabric wash mitt,  to wash your car. After each nook and corner of the car’s surface is sponged, the pool of water is splashed. Tough dirt particles stuck in the tyres are difficult to remove, at Amigo Auto Spa, a wheel brush is discreetly used for grit removal. Lastly, drying is followed to wipe out water, followed by safe, friendly, unharmful special polish to the plastic and rubber components 

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    Touchless/Brushless Automatic Car Washing

    The technology is advanced and especially in car washing a promising result is evident. At amigosutospa we provide touchless/brushless Automatic Car washing as well (in selected locations). All you have to do is park your car at the wash bay. Our modern automatic car wash has NO brushes that don’t harm the paint of the car’s surface. Our ergonomically designed high pressure suit to the car size nozzles spray water to remove dust. Nozzle and pressure washes are used to shampoo your car. After this, expert scrubbers do their job of the final cleaning. In the next step, a pool of clean water is drizzled to rinse the car. Lastly, we expose the car to a right pressure blower system to drip off the water remains and coat the car wax for a glowing shine.  Our services also accommodate undercarriage wash and wheel cleaning. 

    By the end of the phases, your car will come out looking new, clean, shiny and elegant. 

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