Secures the car paint and retains the shiny-ness

Full body PPF

High resistance, self-healing and hydrophobic, these words sound like spectacular strengths but what if we told you that your entire car surface can be furnished with these features? A paint protection film coating installed on your vehicle works its way in delivering promising resistance and healing abilities. A full body ppf coating is a transparent blanket that eliminates even a minute possibility of particles that can damage its surface. When your car undergoes harsh treatment while cleaning or scratches, the ppf installed eliminates them by the self-healing properties. For ppf coating, 120-160 microns flexible film is suggested to be installed that avoids any unusual rigidity of the sheets.

Any uncertain scratches on your car when ppf protected doesn’t let the original surface of your vehicle get attacked by them. A good quality ppf coating never gets oxidized, retaining the vehicle’s charm. A PPF coating when taken proper care of the car will last long.You are recommended to get the ppf coating the first thing after purchasing a new car as it secures the car paint and retains the shiny-ness. We at Amigoautospa provide a professional full body ppf coating installation facility.

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