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A car detailing is a precise method used to ensure your car’s functioning efficiently and looks elegantly smooth. Trained technicians at Amigoautospa utilise modern tools and techniques to give a car detailing service. In full auto detailing, the interiors and the exteriors of your vehicle are proficiently cleaned. The car cleaning, car washing, car waxing weapons are used by the professionals to carry out the exterior car detailing. Extensive car washing eliminates the dirt from the surface, for the tough stains the clay bar is obtained to apply the clay. Car wax coating is put on the car’s surface to add a new, shiny look to the car. 

A sophisticated strategy is practised for interior car detailing in a full car detailing service. Where the vacuum sucks off the dust, glass cleaning is performed in the later stages. Leather cleaners clean and polish the leather covers while mats are scrubbed using car shampoo. Not just these, even the engine bay cleaning is fairly rendered as part of a full car detailing. The engine is cleaned, wiped and coated for a smoother engine and a full car detailing for a smoother-looking car!

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