Remove dust, stains and harmful bacteria settling on the surface


The interior hygiene of the car is vital, as we on average spend most of the time inside the vehicle. As much as a shiny look of the exterior surface is to be protected, the interiors shouldn’t be compromised either. Your car needs an interior deep cleaning service to remove dust, stains and harmful bacteria settling on the surface. Amigoautospa renders an inclusive deep cleaning service of seats, foot mats, side panels and glass cleaning. 

In a full interior deep cleaning service, the car is vacuumed to suck the dust. Our technicians use seat quality friendly liquid to scrub out the stains on your seats. An anti-germ spray is sprayed in our cleaning services to kill the detrimental bacteria and virus inside the car. The carpets are scrubbed with the car shampoo to wash away the rigid dirt that finds its way inside the car. Window cleaning leaves your glasses crystal clear and transparent, ridden by the stains that make the surface foggy. With our complete interior deep cleaning service, your car will be stain-free, bacteria-free, odour- free and dust-free because what’s inside matters!

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