Ensure the hygiene of the vehicle

Germ free steam cleaning

Your car is not just for passenger transport, it can also act as a bacteria carrier. The harmful virus settles on the seats,  door handles, steering etc. Yes, both the car interiors and exteriors of the car are posed to this threat.  When someone else uses it, the toxic particles transmit causing the fatal spread. The normal temperatures let the bacteria prevail and double rapidly. So, the solution to this is to expose the vehicle to extreme temperatures where no virus can survive. This car cleaning method is popularly known as Germ free steam cleaning.

An anti-germ disinfectant kills the bacteria when backed by steam cleaning. Germ-free steam cleaning is a car cleaning service to ensure the hygiene of the vehicle. Hence, your car will remain bacteria-free. A well-equipped steam car cleaning service is offered at Amigoautospa. The steam car cleaning services offer promissory results of a scratch-free, clean and sanitised car. Hard to reach spaces between the seats and under the vehicles are covered by the steam to eradicate unwanted odours, bacteria and stains. Car cleaning is not a choice but a crucial service appointment to be taken especially during the present pandemic time.

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