Graphene Coating
Graphene Coating

Reasons to choose a Graphene Coating to protect your vehicle.

✅Extreme water spotting resistance
✅️Extreme chemical resistance
✅️Extreme UV resistance
✅️5yrs-Lifetime Durability with Warranty*
✅️Most advanced coating technology
✅First truely Certified 10H N1 nano coating strength
✅️Self Healing Graphene Coatings Available
✅️Next Level Gloss and Hydrophobics
✅️Ease of maintenance and self cleaning
✅️Can be used on all surfaces

The scratches/scrapes/swirls on the car surface you can’t get rid of, the inevitable dust settling on your car is something any car owner would like to get rid of. A smooth shiny finish on the car and layered protection from damages is a perfect combination to opt for. And what’s more amazing than getting it by one action? Yes, we are talking about Graphene Coating!

Graphene coatings are ultra-hard and anti-static, so when coated on a vehicle, they don’t allow the dust and dirt to settle. This tough coat can only be removed only through abrasion, it becomes the primary protective shield preventing damage to the car’s surface.

Once coating applied the shield swings to the action, it saves the car from tree swabs, bird dropping, swirls, scratches, stone chipping which our car is exposed to daily. The tough shield challenges and resists UV rays, acids, chemicals, smoke, pollution and hard water deposits which could damage the paint & ruin a car’s looks. 

When the coat is applied the water-repellant feature and glossy non-sticky surface makes the day to day maintenance very easy and simultaneously protects the shiny gloss that keeps you carefree, making you fall more in love with your car.  The high standard, global quality, certified durable Graphene coating offered by us is more advanced than regular and traditional coatings.

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    Advanced Nanotechnology bonds with the car painted surface and forms a CRYSTAL QUARTZ COAT which acts as a DOUBLE shield against UV rays, temperature, saltwater deposits, water spots, oxidation, environmental attacks. It further increases surface smoothness, colour depth and creates hydrophobic water beading. An easy way to maintain the car every day. One wash a month is what your car asks for.

    We at Amigo Autospa, in partnership with global brands, bring to you the long-lasting, tough and inseparable premium No 1 Graphene coating to Indian customers. Our tried & tested products are recommended by expert dealers in surface engineering.

    You can gift your car a “Graphene Coating Treatment” today, to get the everlasting look and protection.

    There are many variants and packages of ceramic coating to choose from. Get in touch with us to know the right Graphene coating nearby for your car.

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