Immediate act on the dirt particles

Interior Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning is an innovative interior car wash method that takes your car cleaning a step ahead. The steam cleaning technique is widely used in disinfecting and cleaning the car. High temperatures of the steam kill the harmful bacteria that seeps into the nooks and corners. Steam car wash cleans stickiness, dirt, grime, age old deposits, while providing panel protection. A professional car wash steam cleaner enables car deep cleaning. The heat and pressure in the steam wash immediately act on the dirt particles and once wiped your car cabin is cleaned. 

The experts at Amigoautospa follow safety measures during the steam cleaning. Steam is sprayed on the areas of the car one at a time. The steam exposed area is wiped with a microfiber cloth before moving on to steam cleaning other sides of the car. This technique of interior car wash is easy to perform, is time and water-saving. Starting from the car roof, proceeding to the floor, seats, upholstery, panels, dashboard and then the boot areas  are properly cleaned in a steam car wash.

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