With our PPF your car will never look old


Do you have friends who you don’t meet often, but every time you hang out they ask if yours is the new car! Few things never change, do they? And with our PPF coating services, we promise an everlasting classy look for your car because with passing time we want you to create abundant memories in your car and not those scratches on the surface of the vehicle. 

What is PPF?

PPF stands for Paint Protection Film, it preserves the quality of your car’s appearance giving your car an infallible touch. Getting a car can be a lifetime investment but a Paint Protection Film is a one-time service that gives a lifetime value for your car. The newish look of your car is achieved by protecting the delicate parts of your vehicle like the side mirrors, front bumpers, door handle cavities amplifying its value. A paint protection film can be applied to any area of the car. Most car owners prefer to put ppf on the sensitive front part of their vehicle to protect it from stones, scratches etc. The paint on the panels and handles can deteriorate with time, these damages give an odd look to your car, at this moment a ppf is the right choice for your vehicle. 

How can I identify a good quality ppf film? 

Good quality films are invisible, doesn’t distort your vehicle’s design and paint, protects your car from scratches and nicks, has greater durability and is easy to install. 

One of the interesting features of a paint protection film is its self-healing property. A slight scratch can be fixed by exposing it to heat. Moreover, it can last up to 10 years, depending on the warranty provided by the type of film you use. Although, once removed the same film can’t be used it becomes obsolete. However, if you are into renting out your car often, or plan for a resale then paint protection film keeps your vehicle look newer and safer for a long time. So that, you can enjoy your journey hassle-free. 

Want to get a Paint Protection film installed on your car? 

Installing the paint protection film can be a bit of a task hence we suggest you get a car services specialists to help. We at Amigoautospa render ppf coating services, do contact us if you need help with installing films. 

The last thing you would want is the air bubbles and dust settling underneath the film. It’s crucial to ensure the surface of the car is neat and clean for the film to protect the paint. Just like we wear masks to protect ourselves from any dust and fatal virus, similarly, the paint protection film preserves your car from harsh chemicals, UV exposure, scratches. 

Paint Protection film is especially advisable to new car owners as it is the best time to get this transparent film installed. Depending on the area you would want to get the ppf on your car the car services professional will carefully cut, place and apply the ppf using a spray. 

We are here for you. Contact us for any queries and get your car protected and of course, make it look classy. 

Should I take both PPF and ceramic coating? 

Our clients often opt for Ceramic coating on top of the Paint protection film to keep their cars clean and glossy. The ppf coating cost depends on the area of your vehicle you want to get filmed. At Amigoautospa you can avail both the services individually or combined at one place. With our affordable PPF ceramic coating price, your car will feel safe and good.

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    What's the difference between PPF and Ceramic Coating?

    Simply put, the paint protection film is like tape while the ceramic coating is glue. In ceramic coating, a liquid is applied to the car’s surface to fill in any gaps caused due to breaks, scratches. When it comes to PPF a transparent film is installed that shields your car. 

    The ppf is also known as “clear bra”, it keeps your vehicle look newer for a longer time and protects it from any vulnerabilities like scratches. The ceramic coating, on the other hand, makes the surface of the vehicle resistant to harsh chemicals. It makes it easier for you to clean these otherwise forming tough dark spots that make your car’s appearance odd.

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