Appropriate seat car cleaning mode

Seat cleaning

The seats in the car can be a good place to nap amidst a long drive. But sloppy usage of the car seats leaves bad odour, stains and pet hair on them. Hygienic seats are a sign of having a caring owner and disinfected car interiors. If you have already appointed a good car cleaning service, then chances of you being aware of interior car cleaning are obvious. Car seat cleaning is part of interior car cleaning where the seats are patiently cleaned.

The seat cleaning method adopted depends on the material your seats are made with. Our technicians at Amigoautospa are well-trained to find the type of seat material and use the appropriate seat car cleaning mode. A leather cleaner is rubbed on the seats which are then cleaned with a damp cloth for leather car seats. For Vinyl car seats, we spray the seats and leave them aside until it dries. A brush, super cleaner accompanied by a stain removal liquid is used for cloth seats in the car. Car seat cleaning is thoroughly done in the car detailing the process for you to take a good nap!

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