Extra glossiness to the car's surface enhancing its appearance

Teflon Coating

Teflon coating is the chemical coating applied on the surface of the car to protect the paint. Teflon adds extra glossiness to the car’s surface enhancing its appearance. The Teflon coating is a protective blanket on the car that avoids wear and tear, deterioration of the paint, the reaction of harmful UV rays on the paint, scratches, and prevents corrosion. Teflon coating is a non-sticky paint protection coating that preserves the paint on the car from any damages. 

Teflon coating is done after car washing. The car is completely dried up and then the Teflon coating is applied to the car’s surface. Teflon coating takes a minimum of an hour to complete, the glossiness on your car outshines and the minute scratches become invisible. The demand for Teflon coating comes because of its properties; it is affordable, transparent, and waterproof. 

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