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Roof Wrap

A roof wrap is a film installed on the car’s roof. The roof wrap adds style, peppiness and unique look that matches your taste or style. A vinyl sheet is applied directly to the top surface of the vehicle. It instantly changes the appearance of the car. A customized roof wrap gives a unique look and you can also get it removed whenever you please. With multiple patterns to choose from, a roof wrap is the best way to both protect and portray your preferences. A roof wrap is a careful job and the professionals at Amigoautospa understand this. We install the film carefully in a symmetric manner that takes ample time and patience. 

The cost of the roof wrap relies on the wrap type, quality, and the area covered. Car wrapping is an affordable and easy approach for the vehicle. Whenever and wherever you notice the wear and tear of the wrap you can get a new wrap on the affected area. The wrapping of your car shields the paintwork from the risk of damages. A quality roof wrap comes with a seven years warranty. However, it depends on the conditions your car is prone to, which might lead to the fallout of wrap before the warranty period.

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